Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Super Simple Baby Tunic

Super Simple Baby Tunic.
An item that grows with the baby – from dress to puff vest.
0-6, (6-12)month size
Chest: 16", (18")
Length from shoulder: 10", 25.5cm (33cm, 13")
Bottom tunic width: 11", 28cm (12.2 "31cm)
Yarn 8ply / dk – needle size 4mm
Instructions for Bottom up in two pieces/ flat needles.
CO 60sts
Row 1-4: Knit
5: Eyelet row *K1, YO, K2TOG* repeat from * until end.
6-7: Knit. Count stitches to make sure you still have 60 on your needle. If you don't either increase or decrease to 60 in the following stocking stitch rows.
8- Start and continue is stocking stitch – adding any pattern you want to incorporate or stripes, until your work measures: total 7",18cm (8",,20cm)
STOP – you will now need to do a front panel and a back panel – follow the two different instructions below. J

FRONT Bodice instructions:
1: On a K row cast off 3 stitches then K to end.
2: On next purl row cast off 3 stitches and purl to end.
3 decrease row: *K2tog* on every stitch till end. 26sts
4: Moss stitch (K1P1 then P1K1 on alternate rows) for bodice for the next 2 ¼", 6cm.
Neck row: moss 7 cast off 12 sts moss remaining 7.
Straps: work on the closest 7 stitches in moss for 4 extra rows. Cast off. Join yarn to other 7 remaining stitches and moss 4 rows and cast off.
BACK Bodice instructions:
1: On a K row cast off 2 stitches then K to end.
2: On next purl row cast off 2 stitches and purl to end.
3: decrease row: *K2tog* on every stitch till end. 28sts
4: Moss stitch (K1P1 then P1K1 on alternate rows) for bodice for the next 2 1/2 ", 7cm.
Neck row: moss 7 cast off 14 sts moss remaining 7.
Straps: work on the closest 7 stitches in moss for 10 extra rows. On next row incorporate a
button hole: Moss 3, YO, k OR p 2tog, moss to end. Moss one more row. On next row decrease 1 stitch on each end of row by either k OR p 2tog. Total 5 sts. Next row cast off.
Repeat on other strap.
Mattress stitch sides together. Reinforcing under the armpits.
Sew on buttons.
This is a two short evening knit. Great for a gift.
This pattern has been provided free. If you wish to make garments to sell from it, please email me to let me know first. Thanks.

Little Gunn Designs, 2011. Copyright.
For wonderful handmade buttons to finish your garment – check out Tessa Ann Designs


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. thank you for sharing the pattern. I've got a little girl who would look lovely in this.

  2. Thank you. It is my first design that i have written down - should just flow from here..... Just cannot help it!

  3. Hello :-) This pattern is gorgeous and I'm in the middle of making the dress myself. But I noticed a mistake in the pattern. Bodice instructions (3) should read 27 stitches, and therefore the moss stitch instructions are also wrong.

    60-3-3=54 , 54/2=27.

    I got three rows into the bodice before realising this mistake, whoops! Ended up with ribbing! :-D

  4. Gorgeous pattern but just wondering if you have had a chance to size this pattern up yet - or can you tell me, do you think it would fit a 6 month old?

  5. Thanks Crabs. I blame babybrain! will fix it up. :-D.

    Aunty Nat - I will be doing this soon. If you size up the stitches in the body by about 20% it should be about right. Then just add another 2" of length and at the decrease / bodice use the same - k2tog decrease. cast off an extra two stiches on the neck and divide the other stitch number by two and they will be your straps.

    Hope this helps. If not - I will have it written up in the next couple of months for my own baby. :)

  6. Hi Rebecca,

    Looks like a lovely pattern - just wondered if you've had a moment to write up the pattern for a larger baby, say 6 months? I'm terrible at math and a fairly new knitter to boot, so your above instructions to Aunty Nat had me confused. Would just love to see it all written out so I'm not guessing and hoping! :) I'm a busy mama of 2, so I understand if you've not been able to write the new pattern. Just thought I'd ask - it would be the perfect thing for my soon to be 6 month old!


  7. Love the pattern! I am going to try to knit in a round instead of flat :)

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  10. very cute and your yarn choice is lovely too!

  11. Nice, pattern. :)
    I'd like to try but I need know what is the gauge for this pattern?

  12. hi...thank u for sharing this...i ended up with ribbing too...but it is also beautiful this way...i am a few steps before sewing and see the result!!

  13. i just ended up the dress!!check this out!!thank u

  14. I have knitted two in the last few days and they both bend at the bottom at the beginning of the stocking stitch. Anyone else????

  15. I know exactly what I've done. I started the stocking stitch on the wrong side. Clever me.

  16. If anyone has a suggestion how to keep it flat please let me know.

  17. I'm a total beginner and have just got to knitting up the second strap at the front..Can you tell me please the best way to add the yarn to these stitches???thanks so much for the pattern!xxx

  18. Love, love, love this pattern! I'm a beginner knitter and can easily follow the directions. First time I've made a garment, and now I'm not intimidated to try others....and plus, my friend's little girl has a beautiful tunic. Thank you for sharing!

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  20. Hi Rebecca - love your pattern! I can't tell if the instructions have been updated throughout for the larger size. Would I cast on 60 stitches for both sizes? Are there any changes to the bodice instructions for the larger size? Thank you!

  21. I made this for a baby that turned out to be a boy but I will keep the garment for now. Loved the pattern and how easy it was to make. I blocked out the pieces before I sewed them together and this gave a lovely flat finish. Thanks!

  22. HI Anne what doe sit mean to block the pieces before sewing, i am a complete newbie.

  23. Hi! I have knitted this dress a few times and posted the results on my blog ( A lot of Norwegians has asked about a Norwegian version, since a lot of them don't know how to read english patterns. Therefore I was wondering if it would be ok if I translated the pattern to norwegian and posted it on my blog?
    Looking forward to har from you :)
    BR Marie

  24. This pattern is amazing. I'm knitting this for a friend who is having a little girl in May. It's perfect since she's going to be born when the weather gets pretty hot. It's light and airy and will keep her cool. I think to add to the prettiness of this dress I'm going to lace a ribbon through the YO stitches made at the bottom. Thank you for this lovely pattern :)

  25. Hei finnes denne på Norsk Mvh Trine Napstad :)

  26. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Love it. I worked the skirt in the round then divided onto 2 needles to knit front and back. It worked nicely.

  27. Rebecca, thank you for this simple but pretty tunic. I wanted something to do quickly for a gift and this is just right. x

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  29. Thanks so much for sharing this really cute and simple baby tunic.

  30. My local yarn shop had one on display they made up in Sirdar Crofter yarn that they no longer carry. I checked online but cannot find your suggested yarn, yardage needed or gauge. Can you help please. I'm aching to knit this precious pattern. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  31. My local yarn shop had one on display they made up in Sirdar Crofter yarn that they no longer carry. I checked online but cannot find your suggested yarn, yardage needed or gauge. Can you help please. I'm aching to knit this precious pattern. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  32. Hello Rebecca,
    I am working on this little baby tunic now.
    It is my 1st garment, other than hats.
    Can you please tell me, on the knit flat version, do I have to make 2 pieces to sew together, and then the front and back bodice pieces? Or, do I fold this one lengthwise and sew it up?
    Thank you so much for taking the time to help, and also for sharing your beautiful talent with us.
    Shannon in Reno, NV U.S.A.

  33. I am wondering the same Shanrene. Can anyone help with this please ?

  34. Jives1,
    I finished mine. Turns out, you have to knit 2. One has the front bodice, one the back. You stitch them together.
    It turns out really cute. I was trying to make it harder than it actually was.

  35. I made this little tunic in the round but don't know what I did wrong. One armhole is way larger than the other. Can someone help me with this, did anyone else have this problem?

    1. For knit in round, did you cast off 3, work to halfway point then cast off 3 and knit to the end? (Ie if 120st total for skirting CO3 K57, CO3, K57 to start bodice) Should end up symmetrical if you it in that manner

  36. Cest tres beau merci pour tous

  37. I'm going to make this for a gift in buttery yellow and spring green. The baby will be born in June so I have plenty of time. Thanks for creating this!

  38. Thanks so much for this pattern. Perfect teamed up with a wee hat for a newborn gift.

  39. Is there a pattern for a 6 t0 12 month baby. I'm a beginner and started to knit this one but its way to small for a 10 month baby. HELP ANYONE????

  40. Good morning.
    Can someone help? I love this pattern but I need it for a 12 month baby. Does anyone have the pattern?
    Thank you

  41. The measurements in parenthesis note how many inches/cm each portion of the garment should be for a 6-12 mo pattern. In part how many stitches you need for the larger size will depend on how tight your gauge is and what size needles you are using. I have knitted this pattern a few times. The first time I knit it using the two piece and the last few times I have used the knit in round instructions. Personally I prefer the knit in round (see link at top) verson for smooth side edges and not having to sew it up in the end.
    I always go for the larger size I have used size 4 and size 8 needles (I tend to have a tight gauge and cast on 136 stitches (using two strands of babyweight yarn). If you felt casting on 136 for knit in round was not enough on your size 4 needles to accomplish the guage, you could either use larger needles (keeping in mind weave will be a bit looser single strand or increase number of stitches (she increases by 24 st between the sizes when knitting in round and this keeps the eyelet pattern correct)
    The instructions note a Bottom tunic width: (12.2 "31cm) for the 6-12 mo size If knitting flat as above and you cast on the requisite number of stitches as above and after a couple rows see it isn't this wide then you would need to increase the number of stitches on both the front and back (I believe increments of 3 st in order to keep the eyelet pattern of *K1, YO, K2TOG* working out correctly across the row). Hope this helps.... Happy knitting!!

  42. I've just made this for my niece who is 4 months old, but I'd love to make one for her big sister who wears a size 2-3 Australian. I'm contemplating trying to size it up, but am a little nervous. Any chance you've sized it up yourself for this age range?