Sunday, May 27, 2012

Up sizing the Super Simple tunic.

I have been busy up sizing my baby tunic pattern. It has been a long road - more for the fact that stealing time to do anything around here is very hard to do. :) - I am sure most mothers could understand that. :-)

Anyhoooo - I am in the midst of putting this up but I have just realised that I actually need to be more than half awake to get it right and my scribble on the back page of an exercise book which made PERFECT sense when I wrote it down a couple of weeks ago - now looks like some different language!

So - Instead - here is a few pics of my youngest in a 6-12month size tunic. She is a well covered little girl and is just over 9 months. This is knit in Family Roots yarn in the 'Smarties' colour way.