Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The start of something new!

Launching Rebecca Gunn designs.

All of these are for sale, unless stated.
Items are a one off and handmade in New Zealand.

If you are interested in anything, please contact me. I can make items to order. I can ship worldwide and can accept credit card or bank transfer.

I have some funky household items, in the pipeline... Perfect for your home or as a gift.

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Sunny day - Size 1 year. 100% cotton halter neck sway top. Elasticated back and gathered front. $30.00NZD

Bluey - Size 2 years. 100% cotton with ribbon trim. $38.00NZD

Flower Cane - Size 2-4years. 100% cotton. You choose the strap style. Halter - Basic straps - Crisscross etc. $40.00NZD

Vintage girl - Size 3 years, tiered skirt. 100% cotton with picot trim. $40.00

Spring time - SOLD

Candyland - Size 1 year, tiered skirt. 100% cotton, with satin trim. $36.00NZD

Grannysmith Apple - Size 2-4 years. 100% Cotton sundress. You choose the strap style. Halter - Basic straps - Crisscross - Buttoned etc. $40.00NZD


Watermelon - Size 2-4 years. 100% Cotton, ribbon halter dress. $45.00NZD




  1. Gorgeous stuff Beck! Can't wait to see what else you come out with. xo

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